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Ring Core - Titanium

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This item is for one titanium ring core. These cores are made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 titanium and weigh approximately 60% of steel.  Titanium is extremely corrosion resistant and is perfect for those who are allergic to nickel based alloys. Finished ring width varies based on ring size, size 9-12 is 0.315".   Use these cores to create fabulous wood, glass or mixed media rings. 

Download our ring size chart HERE.

We highly recomend buying an expanding mandrel for rings available HERE on this website.  There are five sizes of ring mandrels including 2-10,  6-13 and 12-15, as well as 2 wide mandrels and one for half sizes.  Each mandrel has a 1/2" straight shank which will easily fit into a drill chuck or lathe chuck.  The mandrel we have designed significantly reduces concentricity and runout issues that are associated with using wood jam chucks or rubber expanding sleeves.  


Use your own wood blanks or choose from a wide selection of stabilized wood blanks for rings available HERE on this website. Preview the wood selection pages to get ideas on making your own wonderful creations!



Along with the rarity of titanium metal, it is also much more difficult to machine. From SuperAlloys.com here is an exerpt; "Titanium’s work-hardening characteristics are such that titanium alloys demonstrate a complete absence of “built-up edge.”  Because of the lack of a stationary mass of metal (built-up edge) ahead of the cutting tool, a high shearing angle is formed.  This causes a thin chip to contact a relatively small area on the cutting tool face and results in high bearing loads per unit area.  The high bearing force, combined with the friction developed by the chip as it rushes over the bearing area, results in a great increase in heat on a very localized portion of the cutting tool.  Furthermore, the combination of high bearing forces and heat produces cratering action close to the cutting edge, resulting in rapid tool breakdown."



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