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Tutorials & Video

On this page you will find free tutorials and How-To video series for making bangles, rings and other wood/metal creations.  

So cook up some popcorn and enjoy the show!  




This tutorial goes through a step-by-step process of how to use WildWood Design bangle cores to make unique, one of a kind bangle creations.  The tutorial chronicles the fabrication of a Zebrawood bangle from cutting the bangle blank, stabilizing (and the reasons why this is important), rough finishing, gluing and final turning.  This tutorial is 15 pages long with 25 color photos and two charts showing dimensional stability versus humidity for 32 different wood species as well as moisture gain for stabilized versus unstabilized wood. It has been updated as of February, 2013.

The tutorial is Free! Simply click on the link below, and the PDF file will be downloaded for viewing.  Click on "Save As" or "Print" as desired, use the browser back button to return to when your are done viewing the tutorial. 

Bangle Tutorial Download (Revision - Feb 2013)



Video Series




WildWood Design Video Series describing how to make metal cored wood bangles have been uploaded to YouTube© and are available for viewing in multiple parts.  The video series is shot and uploaded in real time and outlines important details in each step.


Part 1: Wood Selection (time 2:34)

Part 2: Cutting a Bangle Blank (time 7:09)

Part 3: Drying & Stabilization (time 3:27)

Part 4: Sizing the Blank ID (time 7:56)

Part 5: Cutting the Blank to Length (time 5:49)

Part 6: Gluing It All Up (time 7:47)

Part 7: Turning & Sanding (time 12:40)

Part 8: Applying a CA Finish (time 12:30)

Part 9: Finishing the ID and Photography (time 9:58)

Part 10a: How to display and sell bangles (time 14:04)

Part 10b: How to sell your bangles at craft shows (time 12:05)


Ron Campbell - How to Make a Metal Core Bangle  (Ron does a great job on this video) (time 38:09)

Woodturning with Tim Yoder S2 EP10 Bracelet  (time 31:17)  Watching Tim turn a bangle is a lot of fun!


Other Videos

How To: Make a metal core wedding ring (time 26:56)

How To: Make a Turquoise Inlay Bangle - Part I  (time 11:20)

How To: Make a Turquoise Inlay Bangle - Part II  (time 10:31)

Understanding Concentricity, Runout and Your Wood Lathe  (time 18:54)































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