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One Piece Bangle Core - SS

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On this page, we offer one-piece bangle cores made in 316 Stainless Steel. These cores are the same design as our popular two-piece version, but are made for inlay work.  Our cores are marketed to a diverse group of artisans who use different types of artisitic medium to produce unique jewelry creations.

One Piece Bangle Cores are being discontinued, all one piece cores are on Clearance!




This item is for a single 1-piece stainless steel bangle core with a channel width of 0.62". These cores are made from 316 Stainless Steel which has excellent corrosion resistance and makes a great choice for affordable jewelry creations. One Piece Bangle cores are offered with an inside diameter of 2.43", 2.55" or 2.67" for woman's size 7.5, 8 or 8.5 bangle. The finished bangle width is 0.78".  

As we have developed our jewelry cores, we have been fortunate to meet lots of terrific artists, and in doing so, been able to acquire some unique pieces.



*A word about sizes*  

Bangle cores are sized based on the inside diameter of the bangle, and these diameters are largely driven by commercial availability of seamless tubing. As an example, a 2.55" ID bangle core will have an inside perimeter of 8.007" (2.55 times 3.14 (pi) = 8.007), thus it is a "woman's size 8".   
However, an inside diameter of 2.32" actually has a perimeter of 7.28".  So we round a little to avoid confusion.  Here are the actual diameters and perimeters (or size):
2.32" ID = 7.28" perimeter (Size 7)
2.43" ID = 7.63" perimeter (Size 7.5)
2.55" ID = 8.01" perimeter (Size 8)
2.67" ID = 8.38" perimeter (Size 8.5)
Even though the Inside Diameters do not vary much, the fit on a woman's wrist will be noticeable for each change in size. Size 8 is the industry standard for most commercially available bangles and bracelets. 




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