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Bangle Supplies > Two Piece Bangle Core - SS
Two Piece Bangle Core - SS

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Mid channel width = 0.62"

Narrow =

316 Stainless Steel = excellent corrosion resistance.

Inside diameter:

Size 8    = 2.55"

Size 8.5 = 2.67"  

Use these bangle cores to create fabulous wood, glass or inlay bangles.

Items are shipped in an 'as-machined' condition, and are lightly deburred. To assemble your bangle creations, assembly instructions can be downloaded here                                        

Bangle cores are sized based on the inside diameter of the bangle, and these diameters are largely driven by commercial availability of seamless tubing. As an example, a 2.55" ID bangle core will have an inside perimeter of 8.007" (2.55 times 3.14 (pi) = 8.007), thus it is a "woman's size 8".   
However, an inside diameter of 2.32" actually has a perimeter of 7.28".  So we round a little to avoid confusion.  Here are the actual diameters and perimeters (or size):
2.55" ID = 8.01" perimeter (Size 8)
2.67" ID = 8.38" perimeter (Size 8.5)
Even though the Inside Diameters do not vary much, the fit on a woman's wrist will be noticeable for each change in size. Size 8 is the industry standard for most commercially available bangles and bracelets. 
Here is a quick way to check sizes:
  • A standard Kerr canning jar has an equivalent size that is between a size 7 and 7.5, so if you cannot slip your hand into a canning jar you are not a size 7. 
  • A 20 oz jar of Del Monte sliced peaches has an ID of 2.5" which is an equivalent of size 8.



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